My work is mypassion




Ulianka bio

Uliana was born in St. Petersburg - cultural heart of Russia, therefore her passion for art began at an early age and follows her in every part of her life. Her first influences were works of Leonardo Da Vinci, Van Gough, Monet and many other painters in national museum - Hermitage. Uliana was standing for hours pondering their brush strokes. During her childhood and teenage years she was surrounded by museums, theatres, exhibitions and many other cultural events. After graduating from Faberge Professional Art College in St. Petersburg as a jeweler and artist, she then lived in Poland for a few years and explored native customs and arts alongside studying at university to become a Master of Teaching. Now she lives in Aberdeen Scotland and runs her own business Ulianka art (as seen on TV) designing commissioned murals for both public and commercial clients. Uliana also works at Saturday school as a voluntary art teacher. Teaching children art gives her a lot of satisfaction and joy.




In Uliana's works we see a contrast between big forms and tiny shapes revealing her feeling of controversy about our place in the world and the choices we make. These incessant existential thoughts swirling in her mind and moving her hands express themselves as tiny little curves on her artwork. Having lived in different countries has helped Uliana to familiarize with other cultures and develop independent points of view and a fresh look that helps her to create new forms.